Lost Bay Trader- The New Front Porch!

Start a Business, Sell Cool T Shirts, Make Lots of new Friends!

One of the things I enjoy about my work with Lost Bay Trader is the opportunity I have to meet lots of new and interesting people on a daily basis.  I do much of my work online and via e-mail, so I am never far from a computer or similar device.  The phone rings all day.  One would be inclined to think that the T-Shirt business would be somewhat mundane, if not downright boring.  One would be wrong.

I find it truly amazing how so many people will give of themselves so freely to a complete stranger that is honestly no more than a bunch of letters coming from a keyboard.  Nearly everyday I become involved in online conversations with folks from all over the world.  These individuals start out simply as customers, but somehow after a few messages back and fourth we become friends, and in some cases that friendship lasts beyond the business transaction.

Friend Bill with the Florida State BCS Trophy in a Lost Bay Trader Tee

My friend Bill with the Florida State BCS Trophy in a Lost Bay Trader Tee

I hear stories about who the customer is buying a T Shirt for, and why that particular Lost Bay design is special or important to them.  I get requests to bring back a design for someone that has long ago lost their favorite shirt – sometimes there’s a picture, sometimes I have to imagine the design from their description, which can be quite fun actually.

All I want to do is Drink Wine Save Animals and Take Naps

All I want to do… Tee idea came by request from some special folks in Orlando.

I get involved in online and phone conversations and chat about the weather, the news, TV shows, whatever happens to come up.  I try to stay away from politics.  I hear family histories, war stories, medical woes, birthdays, and upcoming events in peoples lives, whom in most cases I didn’t know were alive before the phone rang.  Some send pictures.

Chef Art Showing Off a Surf City Staff Tee by Lost Bay Trader

Art Showing Off a Surf City Staff Tee by Lost Bay Trader

The truly impressive aspect of the whole thing is that in every case, I find some meaningful connection to each and every one of them.  The world really is small and Lost Bay Trader has become my New Front Porch!

SAVE SOME MONEY – GET A DISCOUNT – BUY MORE!   and more and more…

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The Grand Opening of Surf City Cabana Club is going to be one of the biggest events of the year on Perdido Key, with live music, specials, and great door prizes and give aways all weekend long!  They’ll even have tons of great T Shirts and more by Lost Bay Trader!

Surf City’s website is up and running, and we’ll have fun watching it grow over the coming days!  Pics from the Grand Opening should be good!


 Ciao Til Next Week!

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